Doc Holliday Museum – Open Since August 12, 2017

Doc Holliday Museum – Open Since August 12, 2017

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – In downtown Glenwood Springs, Bill Bullock’s new store has clothing, furniture and western art, while downstairs is being set aside for some Glenwood Springs history.

Bill Bullock and Bill Kight with the Glenwood Springs Historical Society are working to build a Doc Holliday Museum – the famous gunslinger who lived and died of tuberculosis in the city back in 1887. “We want to tell the story of the life and legend of Doc Holliday,” Kight said. They have created a museum with Doc Holliday pieces, including one normally kept behind several locked doors in a safe — an $80,000 derringer many say belonged to Holliday when he passed away,

“They say he died with that gun, a Navy Colt and a shotgun,” Kight said.

The gun has an inscription on it that seems to indicate the gun belonged to him at one point in his life. “There’s an inscription that says ‘To Doc from Kate,’ Big Nose Kate was his common law wife,” Kight said.

“The derringer is a notorious weapon because we can’t prove it’s real or isn’t real and that adds to the story,” Kight said.

Which is why it’s a part of the Holliday history and will be kept in the new museum, which is located in the exact same place as the hotel where Doc once lived and died.

“’You’re looking at the hotel Glenwood, he was in Northeast Corner in the corner room when he passed away,” Bullock said.

The museum is set to open on August 12, and is expected to be the first of several pocket museums around Glenwood Springs.

From 9News, July 5, 2017

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